14 October 2006

Knocked out

My socks of doom arrived today. I'll post a picture when I have enough time tomorrow. They are fabulous, such a wonderful luxury. Huge thanks to Sarah and Suzy. I had been hoping that they'd be further delayed in the post because I haven't had any time to knit in the past week or so. Work has been incessant, even leaking across into my escape weekend to the gorgeous Waldschlösschen so that I couldn't knit on the journey, so I have one enormous sock (which will just have to do) and a miserable number of rows on the second. I suspect that Suzy is a pretty fast knitter - she'll need to be!


Blogger Specs said...

I found your postcard waiting for me when I got home from a short vacation. Thank you for sending it! It was so nice to see after a long day of airports and uncomfortable seats.

1:51 am  

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