25 September 2006

A cautionary tale

As you can see, the first Sock of Doom is finished, Kitchener stitch and all. Glad it was only 10 pairs of stitches to be finished off!

As you can also see, it is a mite too big even for my own tender feet, which are men's UK10 = US11. Victim's feet are women's US8. Guess I should have done that tension swatch. Curses.

My partner pointed out that the aim of the game is not only to knit quickly, but also to give your victim the benefit of a serviceable pair of socks to ease the pain of failure. That makes this one unsendable, and there's no point in knitting its matching pair either.

Back to square one, and I also need to buy some 3.25mm DPNs to have a chance of knitting something wearable to pattern. Of course I could knit over 42 stitches instead of 48 but that would be cheating, so I won't.

The other lesson learned, apart from always always ALWAYS making a tension swatch, is that I like knitting socks and will be doing more of them. Why was I so against DPNs?

Specs, you can breathe easy again, at least for a while.


Blogger Specs said...

I think they look pretty damn good for a first pair of socks! (Mine were more like large pouches than socks. I try to forget about them.)

And don't worry that they're not black or blue -- I'm trying to branch out in my color choices, so I will love anything I receive from Sock Wars!

10:28 pm  
Blogger Fannie Pie said...

The sock looks great!! I think that you should knit the other one and keep for yourself! ( maybe after a trip through the wash they'll be a perfect fit!)

I can't believe they are your first socks ever. Great job.

1:44 am  

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