28 September 2006

Mourning the fallen

I had an e-mail from my assassin, Fannie Pie, to say that she's been killed without quite finishing my socks. Another senseless act of knitting violence, but Sue seemed to be taking it in her stride. How cruel this game is! The upshot is that the marvellous wool-silk objects that will put me out of the game are now on their way from Tulsa, Oklahoma to San Antonio, Texas to be completed. I have no idea how competitively assassin #2 is taking this and will have to check out her blog. The silver lining is that I have maybe a couple more days to try and finish two proper-sized ones before I get knocked out. I'm not working today, which gives me a chance to get the 3.25mm DPNs, and I'm off to London on the train, which gives me guilt-free time to get cracking. Photo update tomorrow or at the weekend.


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